SUMMARY: When Sarai, a gambling addict, is sued by The Council of Pathetiques, she must decide between forfeiting her riches and consulting Tuckerson, a local philosopher of dubious reputation. Tuckerson leads a think tank called The Fox Den, where he teaches the youths of Dana to fabricate false realities using The Fox Den’s brand of philosophy. Tuckerson’s mentorship may be Sarai’s only option if she wishes to defend her family’s pig farm in the city’s progressive courts. Meanwhile, a man dressed as Link has declared a holy war against every last pig in the City of Dana.

“The purpose of this comedy isn’t to vilify the right or mock the struggles of the left–which frankly, is low-hanging fruit–, but rather, to formulate the questions that get lost in the shuffle, in the moral ambiguity created by our politics. One such question is: against this backdrop of identity politics, what does it mean to be “good?” How does one find a sense of purpose? And can one have a true sense of purpose without knowing that answer? This play is not offering answers, but rather, attempting to formulate the questions in a different way.”

– Jordan Paul Sullivan