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OCTOBER 2022 – “A Comedy of Morality”
A gambling addict must betray her moral and political values if she wishes to preserve her family’s pig farming wealth. Sarai grudgingly agrees to consult the sophist philosopher, Tuckerson, of The Fox Den, from whom she will learn a curious brand of philosophy that permits the wealthy to protect their assets from the progressive courts.

DECEMBER 2022 – “A Comedy of Realities”
When the age of science and reason comes to an abrupt and violent end aboard the Brig Pilgrim, a marine biologist loses her wits and fights back (quite comedically) against the changing of the times. When two plays on one stage converge into a new reality, Kathryn Elizabeth, no longer finding herself part of the ship’s social harmony, embraces madness and takes on the persona of Prince Hamlet.

FEBRUARY 2023 – “A Comedy of Memory”
After a brief but intense romance between Catullus, the poet, and Kate, a biochemist, Catullus reflects on the ecstasy of the relationship, while Kate relives the trauma.

DECEMBER 2024 – “A Comedy of Sexuality”
A bigoted, obese, Hispanic, pole dancing instructor proves the unlikely hero of her city’s ever-escalating culture war. Lisa Estrada must confront the death of her child and overcome her political delusions if she wishes to bring peace to Dana Point.