THE FOXES, A COMEDY OF MORALS: A gambling addict learns the art of sophistry from the philosopher Tuckerson in order to win her case in the progressive courts.

PILGRIM, A COMEDY OF REALITIES: As the age of science and reason comes to an end, a marine biologist loses her sanity and fights back against the changing of the times.

THE GOAT WALK, A COMEDY OF BOUNDARIES: A young poet desires to defy the laws of physics and become omnipresent on the morning of his wedding day.
THE NARWHALS, A COMEDY OF MEMORY: After a brief but intense romance comes to an end, Catullus recalls the ecstasy of the relationship, while Kate relives the trauma.


LISA ESTRADA, A COMEDY OF SEXUALITY: An obese, bigoted, pole dancing instructors proves the unlikely hero of her city’s ever-escalating culture war.

THE ARCHANONS, A COMEDY OF RACE: An African-American hotdog vender and an Irish political activist form a forbidden alliance to bring peace to Dana’s race wars, which puts the two of them at odds with some influential war-profiteers.

THE STARMAN, A COMEDY OF ENTERTAINMENT: When a spaceship crashes into Saddleback Mountain, a David Bowie-esque alien named Ziggy emerges from the wreck and demands that mankind quit working and entertain him. A self-proclaimed artist who despises “entertainment” decides to risk it all and sets out to confront the Starman with her “art.”

THE TRADERS, A COMEDY OF VALUES: A stock broker attempts to trade his way back to his ex-wife but must decide if it’s really love he values most in life.

THE MATHEMATICIANS: When a false mathematics is being forced upon the students at the University of Dana, a reclusive freshman discovers base-2 mathematics in a forbidden text, and risks his career prospects when he attempts to derive a proof that accurately explains the motion of the tides.