City of Dana is a virtual theatre series in which Lantern Theatre will be debuting nine original comedy plays, all set in Dana Point: the city “housed on the wild sea, with wild usages.” The playwrights for the City of Dana series all belong to a school of writing known as Deconstructionism, and thus these nine plays will be “deconstructionist” in nature. The characters in a “deconstructionist” play not only interact with one another and pursue their desires, but actively challenge the rules and logic of the world they inhabit. They revolt against laws of physics, memories, historical facts, and even the constructed reality that the playwright has set forth for them. The plays in the City of Dana series each revolve around their own deeper, philosophical theme. The Foxes: Morality. Pilgrim: Reality. The Goat Walk: Boundaries. The Narwhals: Memory. Lisa Estrada: Sexuality and Gender.

Lantern Theatre is a theatre company based out of Dana Point, California. Lantern Theatre is a virtual theatre. There are no live performances. All productions will be published for a world-wide audience on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.