Lisa Estrada

When Lisa Estrada is “canceled” for blurting out anti-semetic and conspiratorial things during her harbor-side pole classes, the obese, Hispanic pole-dancing instructor refuses to take accountability for her actions and instead blames the men of Dana Point for her misfortunes and starts a gender war. Lisa uses her celebrity to convince the single women of Dana Point to barricade themselves inside the dive-bar Turks, and then vows to refuse any man access to the women of Dana until the men agree to her terms: that the men quit playing their political games and hurting the “poor, poor women” of Dana Point, and that Lisa Estrada be un-cancelled so that she can teach her pole classes in the harbor again. The men begin disguising themselves as women in order to sneak into Turks to reclaim their women, and the liberal woman of the city refuse to play along, viewing the sex embargo as open season. Will Lisa Estrada take responsibility for the hurtful things she’s said in the past? Can the political tensions in the city be relieved without more violence erupting?